A Different Call //Closed//

Natasha ran her fingers through her messy red hair. She was tired, but after 6 cups of coffee she doubt she could even get a wink of sleep. Her tired eyes scanned the mission dossier for what seems like the hundredth time. 

Winter Soldier: James Barnes

She knew that name all too well. She knew what he did all too well. She knew she had to take him out. It wasn’t even in question; he was a threat, she must eliminate threats.

There was a short beep that signaled mission departure. Sighing, she picked up her duffle bag, already packed for her trip and headed to the flight deck.


5am in the morning, still no movement. Natasha began to question wether this was the correct location. SHIELD didn’t make mistakes but there is always a first time for everything. She glanced through her scope again. The dark curtains made it impossible to see anything. The curtains swayed in sync with the wind giving her an occasional glance of the area inside. Empty. 

Natasha never lacked patience, but she had been waiting for at least 7 hours. And the caffeine had start to wear off. She was ready to pack up her equipment when a slight movement caught the corner of her eye.